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Standby Generator Installation

What would happen if you lost power for a few hours, days, or weeks? You probably don’t want to think about it. However, it does happen to many people throughout Michigan, and sometimes an emergency means the power goes out for longer than a few minutes or a few hours, which is common. Michigan winters can be brutal, and not having power to heat your home is dangerous. You can have peace of mind and safety when you have a whole house standby generator installed.


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Never Lose Power In Your Home or Business with a Quality Standby Generator

A standby generator can keep your refrigerator, heat, lights, and vital medical equipment running even if the power goes out for days. Whether it’s generator installation, repair, or routine maintenance, the professionals at Luminaire Electrical have your generator needs covered. As a Generac, Cummings, and Kohler Authorized Dealer, Luminaire Electrical brings peace of mind to residents in Metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan. Plus, Luminaire Electrical’s line of reliable generator products are backed up by world-class service and support.

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What are Standby Generators?

A whole home generator is a system that can provide backup power in the event of a power outage through two primary fuel sources, natural gas or propane. Available in different sizes, standby generators can work to power your whole home or your business during an outage. At Luminaire Electrical in Metro Detroit, we offer many options that you can choose from based on your electrical needs.

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Standby generators, unlike store bought portable ones, are permanently installed to your home or business. You don’t have to store them in a garage or shed, and they don’t need to be plugged in when you need power. Installation of standby generators involves installing them to the side of your home. They provide on-demand electrical power once a power outage is detected.


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What Are The Benefits Of Standby Generators

In addition to reliability, whole home standby generators can help keep homeowners and their family, or employees safe, productive, and comfortable. When your home or business is equipped with a standby generator, you can have:

In addition, a standby generator can ensure your family or employees remain calm, safe, comfortable, and sheltered during severe Michigan weather events such as thunderstorms or ice storms.

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Whether you’re considering buying a new Generac, Cummings, or Kohler standby generator, or have questions about whether or not a standby generator is right for you, call Luminaire Electrical today. Our generator service technicians can answer your questions and ensure your equipment is ready for the next time you need it.